Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Free Coloring Page of The Amish Midwife

We have a winner! Last week you voted on which image you’d like to see as a coloring page. So in honor of #NationalColoringDay, here’s how the voting went:

16%: A drawing of Callie Webber paddling her canoe from The Million Dollar Mysteries Series

0%: A drawing of Jo Tulip solving a crime with her knowledge of household hints from the Smart Chick Mysteries

24%: A drawing of Miranda's ancestral Louisiana home in Whispers of the Bayou

48%: A drawing of an Amish farm scene, from The Women of Lancaster County

12%: A drawing of Maddee and Nicole on the bridge to Belle Isle from the Cousins of the Dove Series

And here’s your free coloring page:

To download and print, simply click the image above or CLICK HERE.

Enjoy—and have a colorful day!

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