Wednesday, August 23, 2017

A Civil War "Housewife"

Ever heard of a “soldier’s housewife"? According to this display, which I happened upon in a museum while researching My Daughter's Legacy, that was the term for a sewing kit carried by soldiers during the Civil War. Here’s one such kit:

And here’s the description provided by the museum:

I don't think this item made it into the final version of the book, but I still thought it was interesting enough to share here. I'm always fascinated by the little things I learn while researching, whether I'm able to work them into my story or not!


  1. Interesting. Also reminds me that I need to sew a button back on a pair of pants for my husband. :-) Thanks. :-)

  2. Definitely worth sharing here. Another tidbit of history that is unknown to many. Thank you.