Thursday, December 31, 2015

Ten, Nine, Eight...

Can't believe it's New Year's Eve already. Wow, this past week has flown!  

Emily, John, and Lauren at this fall's Clemson Homecoming
Not sure how you'll be spending your countdown to midnight, but this afternoon our family will be glued to the TV watching Clemson play in the Orange Bowl. Alma mater for both me and my husband, Clemson has been undefeated for the entire season and will face off today against Oklahoma in what is also the College Football Playoff Semifinal.

The last time Clemson held the title of National Champ was in 1981, which also happened to be our senior year. Lots of memories there!
Tonight's dessert: Clemson apple pie!

I'm not usually big on football, but when it's your own school, it makes a difference–plus my husband and daughter Lauren are rabid football fans, so it's fun to join in their excitement. (Emily falls somewhere between them and me. She goes to games and enjoys them, but she's not exactly losing sleep over who'll win today haha.)

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and share a few fun pics. I also wanted to follow up on last week's promise to tell you more about some upcoming giveaways. Tomorrow will be this blog's first-ever "Free Friday," where you'll be given a chance to win something fun–sometimes a book, sometimes something book-related, it'll be different for each drawing–every other Friday, right here on this blog. I'll post all the details tomorrow, including the first item up for giveaway, so be sure to check back.

In the meantime, have fun watching the ball drop!


John, still every bit as handsome as he was when we first met at Clemson in 1979!
Lauren on the field after a game

Ready for the big event

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