Saturday, December 19, 2015

Big News? Oui! Si! Ja! Sim! Eh?

A few weeks ago, I mentioned in a comment that I’d like to open this contest to my international readers but that shipping costs were prohibitive. Well, today I’ve got great news. I brought up the problem with my publisher, and they figured out a way to make it happen digitally. 

Thus, starting with tomorrow’s drawing, this contest will now be open both to domestic and international readers. For those outside the United States, winners will receive a specially-coded e-version of the book. (Sorry, no e-books for my domestic winners, those in the US will still be getting the paperback versions only.) Please note, also, that the e-books will be English-language versions and not translations into other languages. 

Help me spread the word to our fellow readers up North, down South, and across the ponds. And whether you live in the US or somewhere around the globe, if you haven't yet signed up, simply CLICK HERE to get more information and to enter the drawing.  

Good luck! Bon chance! Buena suerte! Viel Glück! Boa Sorte! Eh?

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