Friday, December 11, 2015

Combatting Christmas Clutter

Enjoy this special post, which I put together in honor of The House That Cleans Itself. Hope you find it helpful!

Feel free to print, use, and pass along this graphic, as long as the copyright info remains intact. Thanks!

A few days ago, I mentioned what a terrible housekeeper I am, and now here I'm doling out advice about housekeeping? What gives?  To put it simply, The House That Cleans Itself is a guide for the housekeeping-impaired, which is exactly what I am. Essentially, the book shows you how to set up your home so that it stays so naturally neat, you'd swear it was cleaning itself. 

Learn more about it here. You may also want to check out my appearance on the show Lifestyle Magazine, where the hosts and I are able to talk about it at length.

Have you read The House That Cleans Itself? If so, what's one of the ways 
you've implemented the system into your home?

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