Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tell Me Tuesday: How do you celebrate when you finish writing a book?

That’s the question I posed recently to some of my writer friends. Today I’m sharing Nancy Mehl's response...


"I always thought the way Kathleen Turner celebrated in Romancing the Stone was perfect. Drinking a glass of champagne - and then toss the glass in the fireplace. 
But since I don’t drink champagne, and I don’t have a fireplace, I usually just go out to dinner. Someplace nice. And the next day I sleep a lot. I usually need it. There may also be a few tears, but I don’t really like to talk about that. ;)"

For more information on Nancy Mehl be sure to check out her website, as well as her latest series, Finding Sanctuary. 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Selfie Saturday: Celebrating a Great Lady

Hi friends, sorry I haven’t posted much lately. March was a tough month with lots going on, including the final edits for my next book, My Sister’s Prayer, and two out-of-state funerals. Now that we’re back home and the edits are done, I finally have some time to catch up.

Since today is Selfie Saturday, I thought I’d share a bit about my husband’s aunt, Arline Feste King, who passed away on March 3rd.

Arline was a huge part of my husband's world, almost like a second mother, and though she will be missed, she lived a long, full life, loved the Lord, and died peacefully at the age of 90.

Born in 1925, Arline grew up near the New Jersey shore. At the age of 20, she met and married Robert King, with whom she would go on to have three children. In 1963, the family moved to upstate New York, where they bought an apple orchard. As a captain for U.S. Lines Steamship Co., Robert spent a lot of time at sea, but Arline always saw to it that home and business ran smoothly in his absence.

In addition to the lovely King Orchard, Arline and Robert had a second home on the shore of Lake Champlain known as the camp, where they hosted many a guest including my husband and his family each summer. Not only did John grow up enjoying both farm and lake, but as an adult he was able to share them with me and our girls. To our children, a trip to Keeseville was always a wonderful adventure.

Arline and Robert were happily married for 66 years, until his death in 2012. Now that she has passed away as well, it feels as if an entire chapter of our lives has come to an end. But she will live on in our memories, a gracious and beautiful woman who will be missed.

King Orchard in Keeseville, NY
The farmhouse

On the front porch at the orchard, from L to R: my daughter Lauren, my wonderful
mother-in-law Alice Clark, my daughter Emily, Arline, and Robert.

Lauren, Alice, and Emily sprucing up the front porch.

Lauren inspecting the apple trees

My niece Gabriella in the orchard at springtime.

Me on a winter visit to the orchard.
The camp on Lake Champlain

Mindy and John relaxing at the lake

Arline and her beloved little sister, Alice