Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A Tribute to My Co-Authors

Since tomorrow is #NationalAuthorsDay, I thought I'd use today's post to celebrate the various co-authors I've worked with over the years. I love them all dearly, and I treasure the time we've spent working together.

Co-writing a book is such a unique and amazing process. There are brainstorming sessions and a-ha moments, there are scenes that fall together seamlessly and scenes that take all of our effort and energy—but there is nothing quite like sharing this journey with someone else. The book launch, the events, the interactions with truly is a blessing to experience all of that with a writing partner.

So in no particular order, here are all of my wonderful co-authors and the projects we've worked on together.


Mindy and Leslie take a break from brainstorming in 2014

Media together: Author interview.


Mindy and Susan on a research trip in Lancaster County

Media together: Interview.


John and Mindy: Riding–and writing–partners for life!

Book written together: 
Echoes of Titanic

Media together: Articles about collaboration here and here
Audio interview.


Kim and Mindy at a radio interview in Orlando, FL

Book written together: 
Beauty to Die For

Media together: Interview.


Mother and daughter at Emily's wedding in August

Book written together: 
Amish Christmas at North Star

Other authors that appeared in this collection were Cindy Woodsmall, Amanda Flower, and Katie Ganshert.

Visit Emily's web page.

Blessed with the Best

Co-writing isn’t for every author, but it sure has worked for me—mostly because I’ve been blessed with such an extraordinary group of partners. I know that these books are better and I'm a better writer (and person!) because of each of my co-authors and the things I've learned from them along the way. 

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