Wednesday, October 24, 2018

5 Great Book Deals You Don’t Want to Miss

Fun news! I’ve decided to jump into my annual book sale one month early, just in case you’re the kind of person who likes to start their Christmas shopping sooner rather than later.  That’s so not me—I’m more of an eleventh hour kind of gal—but if this is you, then I truly admire your ability to get things done in a timely fashion.

Thus, I’m happy to announce this year’s HALF PRICE CHRISTMAS SALE is up and rolling NOW. To make things even more exciting, I’ll be adding one of these star Christmas ornaments to all qualifying orders—for FREE—while supplies last.

Here’s all the info you’ll need to get these great deals, plus a repeat of last year’s Gift Giving Guide in case you find it helpful.  Happy shopping!

DEAL #1:
All autographed books ordered from this page of my website are 50% off! IMPORTANT: Note that the sale price won’t show up until the items are in your shopping cart. (Go ahead and add items to your cart by clicking on the Autographed by Mindy button, then you’ll be able to see the actual discount prices in the cart before you finalize your purchase.)

The first 20 buyers who purchase up to two books from the above sale will also get this FREE shiny star ornament.  No action required; simply buy one or two books—at half price, no less—and your free star will be included with your order!

The first 6 buyers who purchase three or more books from the above sale will get one of these rustic metal star ornaments FREE. No action required, simply buy at least 3 books—again, at 50% off—and your free star will be included with your order.  (Please allow us to choose the color for you.) 

Get the audio version of Whispers of the Bayou for FREE when you sign up for at this link

The first 2 buyers who purchase the book Amish Christmas at North Star from the above sale will get one of these red and white star ornaments FREE. No action required, simply buy Amish Christmas at North Star—again, at 50% off—from my website and your free star will be included with your order.    

NOTE: Only one free star ornament per order, with priority given to the star ornament earned in Deal #5, above.  (In other words, for example, if you order one book, you qualify for the smaller clear star ornament, but if that one book happens to be Amish Christmas at North Star and you’re one of the first two to order it, then you will earn the red & white star instead.)

Need help choosing what books to give to whom? Here’s a handy Gift Giving Guide to help you narrow things down!

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