Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tell Me Tuesday: A Turkey of a Tale

Here's another fun answer to this question:

What is the best and/or most fun thing you’ve ever won? 

 from author Deborah Raney.

The best thing I ever won was 2 season tickets to Wichita's Music Theater. My husband Ken and I saw some fabulous shows we could never have afforded otherwise.

The “funniest” thing I ever won was a turkey. Okay, turkeys aren’t that funny, but what happened with that turkey was pretty funny. Well, NOT at the time, but looking back years later I can laugh. The rest of the story is here

That turkey story would be a great fit for a new book I'm working on, called Laughing at Life's Most Embarrassing Moments. Thanks for sharing!

To learn more about Deborah, visit her website and be sure to check out her latest book in the Chicory Inn series, Another Way Home.



So what's one of your most embarrassing moments? Care to share? ;)

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