Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Free Downloadable Bookmarks

Judging by all the feedback I get here and on my Facebook page, chances are you're a real bookmark lover! Paper, metal, fabric—whatever works, you use it to mark your place in a book. That's why today is all about bookmarks, including some free ones for you to print and use.

Pennsylvania Dutch Design
First is this page of lovely PA Dutch-art inspired designs, in honor of my Amish fiction and nonfiction.

To make your own, simply print this image on your home printer then cut into strips. (Depending on your computer, printing an image may be as simple as right clicking on it and selecting "print." Or, once you have clicked on the image, you should be able to find a "print" option by on your Internet browser's navigation. If neither of those methods work, you may need to download the image first and then open and print it.)

For more durable bookmarks, consider printing on heavier cardstock.

Color Your Own
The same printing method should work for these color-your-own bookmarks as well. One tip: Color in the design before cutting into strips. Most markers, crayons, or colored pencils should be fine—though don’t use pastels or any other coloring medium that might rub off onto the pages of your book.

Check These Out

You may recall a post I did a while back featuring 15 Fun Bookmarks for Book Lovers. Well, here are a few more cute ones I've run across since then.

Dandelion Bookmark
I love this one because I never even knew dandelions were weeds until I was in my forties—and even then I didn’t believe it! J

Artisan Magnetic Bookmarks

Knock Knock Bookmark Pad

This Is a Book Bookmark Pad

Does This Book Make Me Look Smart Bookmark Pad Bookmark
Look how cute, you can even give someone an amazon gift card—that comes as a bookmark!

Order Pre-printed bookmarks for Free

Finally, don’t forget, you can always submit a request for free bookmarks and other goodies through my website!


  1. The Pennsylvania Dutch book marks were going to be printing in a gray color and not the colors. I didn't print those because I wanted them colored. I was disappointed.
    I love book marks and have many different ones.

    This was a neat post. I might try to make some feather ones myself to see what happens.

    1. That's a shame, I wonder why. Maybe your browser has a "grayscale" option that accidentally got checked?

    2. I thought about that and checked it out. It's looking gray. I might have my daughter look at it when she gets home.