Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Crazy for Bookmarks Giveaway

A fascinating conversation has been happening on my Facebook page lately, one that started on March 22nd when I posted this simple question:

Considering that most folks who frequent my page are avid readers, I expected to get a fair number of responses. What I didn't expect was that those responses would be so impassioned about the love of bookmarks and the dismay over dog-eared pages.  Who knew so many felt so strongly?  I had no idea!

In case you're curious, the final tally from that post was as follows:

         2 readers said they use neither method but instead just remember where they are 

         4 readers admitted to dog-earing their pages

       75 readers, using a total of 59 exclamation points between them, said they use bookmarks.

The bookmark-only people were so emphatic, in fact, that I have a feeling the above data is a bit skewed as far as the general reading public is concerned. After all, it's hard to admit you fold back pages in the face of anti-dog-earism. :) But it did make for some compelling reading!


As I thought about all these enthusiastic bookmark users, I began to wonder if those who like bookmarks were using actual bookmarks or just whatever's handy to mark their places in their books. So on Monday, I posted this follow-up question:

As of right now, that single question has generated more than 100 comments, and the post has reached nearly 8000 people. Like I said, people who love bookmarks really love bookmarks!

Reading through the many interesting comments, I think the general consensus seems to be that most folks have used both: In a pinch, they'll go for a random scrap of paper (or yarn or ribbon, etc.) but in general they prefer to use a real bookmark. 


Which leads to the final point of my post here today. To honor all this devotion to bookmarks, I've decided to give some away–to everybody! 

Order your set today!

If you'd like a free set of bookmarks, as shown in the photo above, simply click the button below, fill out the simple form, and then watch for yours to arrive in the mail. I love giving stuff away, but especially when I know that it'll be used as part of your reading routine! (Note: If you only want one or a few bookmarks rather than the whole set, you can specify that on the form.)


For even more fun, I'll be doing a drawing on Facebook each Monday for the next 6 weeks, with some really cool bookmarks as prizes for the winners, including one I made myself, three that I brought back from a trip to Hawaii, one from the Spy Museum in Washington, D.C., and one from my publisher, as shown:

Be sure to drop by my Facebook page on those dates so you can enter to win–not to mention all the other days, just to say hello or see what's happening.


One final thought, for those of you who use neither bookmarks nor dog-ears but instead depend on your memory alone to find your place in a book... I sure hope you know how very lucky you are! For me, it's a good day if I remember to put on pants in the morning, no WAY could I ever remember my place in a book. If you have that kind of memory, you are truly blessed!

To everyone else, don't forget to order your free bookmarks--and to join me on Facebook for my upcoming bookmark giveaways. 

Happy reading everybody, no matter how you mark your place!  


  1. I use a thin rubber band to keep my place in book plus a bookmark

  2. Not only a bookmark, but don't crease the binding!