Wednesday, November 22, 2017

50% Off Autographed Books

Sorry to be all salesy, but I can't resist telling you about the super deals that are currently available on my books, in both ebook and print versions.

Do you like ebooks? Then you'll want to take advantage of these super low prices before they come to an end...

Half Price Paperback Book Sale

Also, I'm excited to announce that from now through the end of December, all "Autographed by Mindy" books purchased from my website are available at half price!  Visit this page to see the amazing deals.

Autographed Books Make Great Gifts

Even if you've read all of my books, you might consider taking advantage of the book sale to stock up on gifts for others. To help with your shopping choices, I've created this custom "Gift Giving Guide", below.  (Note: If the print is too small to read, try clicking on the image to enlarge it.)

Best of all, every single book ordered from my website is autographed to your specifications.

This Time of Year

I know we all get overwhelmed this time of year by emails and flyers and commercials and more. But sometimes a deal is just too good not to mention.  I hope you don't mind!

Be sure to come back next time, when we return to our regularly scheduled program. :)

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