Monday, October 23, 2017

And the Winner Is...

The winner of my drawing for a Reader's Gift Basket is:
The prize, a Reader's Gift Basket

Sabrina Templin!

Congratulations, Sabrina, and thanks to everyone for playing!

Even If You Didn't Win This One

If you enjoy giveaways, you'll want to keep up with this blog and/or my Facebook, because I LOVE giving stuff away and I hold drawings frequently.  In fact, I've got two going on right now:

• I'm currently collecting votes on my blog to determine everyone's favorite book cover.  Each person who votes gets entered in a drawing, and the person who wins the drawing will receive a free, signed copy of the winning book!  You can find all the info and cast your vote here through Oct. 31st.
• There's always a book up for grabs on the home page of my website, just scroll down, look for the GIVEAWAY box, and click on the ENTER TO WIN button. Currently, the prize is my book Plain Answers About the Amish Life, and you can sign up for the drawing through Nov. 30th. 

Sounds like fun? Feel free to enter both giveaways, and do stick around, because there will always be more! I guess "gifting" must be one of my Love Languages, because I love my readers, and I truly enjoy showing it by offering fun prizes whenever I can.

Free Goodies for the Asking

Some examples of the types of promo freebies you may receive, based on availability

Speaking of giving stuff away, did you know that you can order "promo freebies" from my website anytime? I've got all sorts of fun items available–postcards, bookmarks, pens, keychains, and much more–which I'm happy to provide, free of charge, to help you spread the word about my books. To order, simply visit the "Extras" page of my website, or click here to fill out a request form.

Or, if you'd just like a free list of all of my books, visit the "Books" page of my website for a downloadable booklist or click here to request the newly-designed printed version, which doubles as an oversized bookmark:

Scavenger Hunt Wrap-Up

I have to say that I had a really fun time with this past weekend's Scavenger Hunt. I'd never done one before and wasn't sure what I was in for! But it ended up being fast-paced, exciting, and very rewarding. Thanks again to ALL who participated!

On my entry form for the Scavenger Hunt, I asked, "Have you ever participated in one of these Online Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunts before?"  If you're curious about the answers, the percentages came out as follows:
  • 42.3% said this was their first time
  • 32.5% said they'd done it multiple times before
  • 23.1% said they'd done it once before, and 
  • 2.1% said "Other."
Wherever you might fall on that list, I'm so glad you came! Thanks again for playing, and now that the Hunt is over, don't be a stranger.  :)  

Congrats again to Sabrina, and enjoy your prize!

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