Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Notes on a Plane

After spending this Christmas in Louisiana, we flew home to Pennsylvania via Southwest Airlines on New Year’s Eve, where we witnessed a really fun tradition. During the flight, attendants passed out pens and notecards and asked passengers to write down one thing they learned in 2016 and one thing they hoped for in 2017. Then they collected the cards and taped them along the overhead luggage bins, to read as we passed by.  Interesting!

I’d spent most of the flight working on My Daughter's Legacy (Cousins of the Dove), which is third in a trilogy about multiple generations of a Huguenot family. That’s why, when we were de-boarding, I had to stop and snap a pic of this card when I saw it…

Whoever wrote it, I wish I could tell them to check out the Cousins of the Dove series. Anyone who loves ancestry this much would enjoy it, I feel sure!

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